Flooring systems

What do we offer?

Cement underlay floor

Conventionally resistant and well-tried. Cement bases are made of cement, sand and water. If necessary, additional additives (accelerator) or synthetic fiber are added. After hardening, these soils are directly usable or assignable. Can be laid in combination or floating (on insulation layer / floor heating). Quantity per day and team is 250.00 m2.

Anhydrite underlay floor

Shorter drying time and higher bending and tensile strength than the cement base. The installation can already be done from 60 mm. However, it is more sensitive to moisture and less resilient than the cement underlay. Anhydrite underfloor soil consists of Calsiumsulfatbinder, sand and water. Quantity per day and team is 250.00 m2.

Tile underlay floor

Light and therefore can be installed from 30 mm on floors without heating rollers. With underfloor heating, it can be installed from 50 mm. This floor has a high bending and tensile strength and is ideal for renovations of old buildings and conversions. Tile underlay floor consists of binder calcium sulfate, water, fluid and limestone sand of grain size 1-4 mm. Quantity per day and team is 800.00 m2.

Cement coating

A cement coating is a floor covering that can be installed starting from 25 mm. This is installed mainly on stairs and in the basement. It consists of the same material as cement base. Quantity per day and team is 250.00 m2.

Hard concrete floor / industrial floor

This is a very resilient, weather-resistant floor which is laid as a final covering in the composite. The installation requires a roughened cleaned and solid ground. Also grooved as a ramp or executable with broom mark. From 25 mm thickness, the soil is installed in single-layer or two-layer. The concrete consists of cement, water and aggregate (sand and grit) Depending on the requirements, products for cement modification with a stabilizing, plasticizing and homogenizing effect are added. Quantity per day and team is 300.00 m2.

Finished floor, natural, dyed, sanded...

Deco coatings are our strength and passion. This is an aesthetically high quality end coating with character. Whether natural leave, dyed, stakt- or honed to the grain; all are unique, which satisfy every individualist. The version can be applied to cement, anhydrite, fleece underlay, cement coating and hard concrete pavement. We are happy to assist and advise you so that you can make the right choice.